Friday, March 26, 2010

This Morning

Breathless, she is positively breathless as she stands at the window.  Her little head peaking over the edge of the window sill and she stabs at the window, "Buuurd," she screams.  She turns to catch my attention, "BURRRRD Momma?"  Her red hair is haphazard, forever flopping down into her eyes and sticking up in back.  I should fix that I think.  Then I change my mind, it is cute and she is a toddler and she totally has bed head.  She stares transfixed as robins, doves, cardinals, purple and gold finches enjoying the feast left for them and for her entertainment.

I tidy up her room.  She is wearing slightly too small winter pajamas, a hot pink top with a silver sparkle kitten on the front and black polka dot pants.  These are my favorite and I think I will be sad to see them go.  The legs swing and bellow around her ankles when she runs and the effect never fails to make me smile. 

"Dawggg, Momma, DOOOOG" erupts from her as I walk out of the room.  I step back and peek out the window with her.  Indeed a dog and its owner walk by looking at our house with a bemused smile on the owner's face.  Shrieking she says "DAWWWWWG!!!" to the dog and owner going by.  She is hopping from one foot to the other and looks up at me beaming at this discovery, and I smile at her watching the world go by her little window out on the world, glad she has this window to watch the world go by.  I bend over, "Yes that is a doggie sweetie pie," and give her a kiss on her head, deeply smelling for what still passes to me as her baby smell, Aveeno shampoo and bed head. 

She giggles then goes back to stabbing at the window "BURRRRRD!"
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