Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday of Eggs

It was Easter Sunday today/yesterday/last weekend depending on when you read this. What? You missed it? Well, it was and I was SO well prepared (that was NOT me out Friday night going from store to store to store - why YES that is THREE stores and ahem I might have scaled a few shelves at the 2nd Kroger - in search of basic Paas egg coloring set. Shut it!)
It was well worth the effort even though I write this as my eyes are shutting down on me. Hope everyone have egg-stra (heh see how I do that?!) special Easter Sunday filled with sunshine, sugar and smiles!

Umm, we made him wait 10 seconds so we could all get out of bed.  Apparently this look was what we get for making him wait.  Also, it is worth blowing up to 11x14 for when he is stinker at 16!

YEAH Bunny Baskets!
SO the reason Matthew has an armload of eggs already?  Well, we told him to wait but he could not do it.  We hide the plastic eggs inside the real eggs outside which seems oddly backward but this is what I did last year and the kid forgets NOTHING.  I was out in the cold at 4:00am hiding eggs.
Matthew did a fabulous job of showing Marisa the egg hunting ropes!
AND then things feel apart and chaos ensued.  What did I do?  Laughed my ever loving arse off, took photos all while Kevin shrieked at the kids to stop and clean up and held back dogs. 
It was funny and I was tired in my defense.
Egg Hunting Action!
Marisa's Loot!
Matthew's Loot
Please note the LACK of light. SO I laid out those eggs at 4:00am and we were up and at 'em at 5:35am.  GOOD GAWD.
She was happy with her baskets and the eggs and going outside first thing in the morning and her first play doh and...
Happy Easter to All!
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