Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Almost A Half Yearly Assessment

I totally ganked this brillant fucking idea from a blog I randomly clicked on from another blog I read and OMG I am a blog whore ideal stealer but the idea is still brillant so I am can live with that title.

This year so far:

January 2010: 
Celebrated a NEW YEAR that was going to be great, WAY better then '09 and my sixth anniversary with the same company...
by shitting my pants and  proceeding to get myself put on a fucking year's worth of probation.  Momma is so proud.
Here's to effing 2010, y'all!  Fuck yeah.

February 2010: 
Seattle/Victoria Island/Vancouver/Olympics/Seattle (and then I died. the end.)

March 2010: 
Drank a bunch of good coffee and beer (possibly a direct result of Jan and Feb)
Discovered that some people are most definitely NOT who I thought they might be initially
Ever so slowly I am (STILL) learning to shut my everloving verbose piehole
Ran my first 10k race in my life
Cincinnati ZOO and IKEAAAAAAAAA! 

April 2010:
Ma babbbe turned FIVE freaking years old
Indoor water park at French Lick with a five year old and a 20 month old = gray hairs galore
Finding out my bestie is pregnant - my duty: to hold that baby as much as possible!
Birthday parties galore

May 2010:
Run Baby Run - first 13.1 mile half marathon experience
More Birthday parties
Awesome amazing bestest family trip to the Smoky Mountains eva
Today May 20th is one year since my MIL, Barb, passed away
Reading my first book in well over a year
Ride my bike again (once the tires get some air) - 1st time in three years!

Possible and/or Inevitable Things To Come? 

June 2010:
Winnipeg Canada summer adventure
Celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary
Family freaking pictures in the park (oh yeah.)
Start running/training again for something

July 2010:
Chicago?  St. Louis?  or Louisville?   Mmmeh, maybe Phoenix!
Possibly another IKEA run - which I think it is perfectly healthy to be so firmly addicted to cheap ugly euro trash furniture, don't you?

Here's to a new part of the year.  SUMMER YOU BETTER BE NICE TO ME YOU BIATCH.

Or I am gonna sick these two on you and you will not like it because they will totally make you giggle till you pee your pants!:

(Also, one of the last few photos from our Great Smoky Mountain vacation. 
Literally this picture was taken 3 miles from home on HWY 37)
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