Friday, May 7, 2010

Dancing Naked

We ate at The Spoon this morning.  It is totally the last weekend of college/grad menu (which frankly sucks compared to their normal menu) but mostly the dude who served us was wearing a fedora.  I wish more men thought it was okay to wear fedoras.  They totally kick ass.

Oh and another server had on knee high Converse.  I am SO getting me some of those.  I was skeptical but having seen them on... WANT THEM!

I am taking Matthew with me to Indy today to get my race packet.  God help me.  He better be good and happy because lately he has been like a petulant teen and it is driving me batty.  Please let this stage of this age pass VERY VERY quickly.

I am fucking running 13.1 miles in a race tomorrow morning.  God help me. 

Marisa saw my sunglasses this morning and she would not let me leave the house until we got her pair of sunglasses from the basement.  With each step downstairs she said "glasses".  Than just like every day she ran to her window to yell and wave good-bye to us.  She did this today whilst wearing her little green sunglasses.  Melted both of our hearts!

Matthew likes to dance. Naked.  Not sure where this comes from.  We try not to dance naked too much around the kids... (I AM KIDDING Y'ALL, what kind of house do you think I am running anyway?!)

Speaking of naked, there was a story in the front page of the local newspaper today about two naked college students getting arrested for wandering the streets NAKED than wandering NAKED into a house that was NOT their house to er ummm do some "stuff" and pass out with other NAKED people.  College towns are weird, especially this time of year.

I am so excited for Friday Night Lights to start tonight I cannot even explain.  My guilty pleasure along with Glee!

Happy Friday - see ya on the flip side.
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