Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday FUN-Day

Marisa has never really been a "NO" kid. In fact, she remains fairly non verbal*. While most parents might be disturbed by this. Me? Meh. She actually says "un ah" instead of no and "un ha" for yes. I like that she cannot talk much to be honest and I am not pinning anything to her inability to speak given the fact that Matthew regularly says words longer than I can(which is pretty funny) and he likes to use a British and Italian accent to talk to us. My wee actor.

Until recently Marisa never really threw temper tantrums.  I guess she still does not mostly.  Though the ones she does throw are pretty funny.  However her default instead of throwing a fit is to PINCH or SCRATCH. Which is WAY worse then a tantrum because Matthew did not really do this that I remember specifically and it effing hurts.  I cut her nails as short as I can without hurting her and she gets a time out each time she pinches.  It is also like evil poetic justice from our early big daycare experiences with Matthew.  Err, karma... she is a bitch.

She grabbed Matthew's cheeks a la evil little old daycare boy and pinched/scratched him.  She got into trouble.  Later Matthew told me he got in "her face" so he kind of deserved it but still...

Marisa is getting a dimple on her right cheek.  To die for...

Matthew already has dimples on either check faintly - you totally have to look.  I love dimples. 

Dudes, school ends at long last this week. 

Dear Hometown IN: Next year please promise me you will not cancel school unless there is an Armageddon or the snowfall from HELL occurs.  This going to school until the end of time is killing us.  Matthew is bored out of his ever loving mind.  Also, Y camp starts a day later now because of your over use of non existent snow days.  Matthew would rather swim with cute camp counselors and his buddy, Noah, than go to school any day.  Yours, ME.

Marisa is solidly in 2T clothing and almost on to 3T in pants.  She still looks little to me :)

Is it so wrong to be dreaming about my next vacation when I just got back from the last one?!??!

Weekend in Shorts:  Lost and Friday Night Lights.  BBQ both nights.  Corn on the cob and watermelon.  Marisa learning to eat/slurp watermelon off the rind!  SUMMER LIKE HEAT!!!  Cold beer while sitting on the deck with our feet in the kiddie pool!  FISHING Birthday party (So fun!) Running in the swamp heat.  Letting the kids romp outside in bathing suits for two days straight  The aroma of  kiddie sunscreen.   Driving around the country dreaming of the land we will one day buy!  BOTH kids sleeping in (amen to that.)  Letting a day drift by and drinking in every single moment like it is the last.  Marisa saying "I wof ooo."

What a great weekend! 

* The not talking thing is not entirely true.  She is just not very clear in what she says at times and we have to prompt her to say a lot of things.  She would rather gesture or grab a hand to show us things.  She knows all her body parts and some colors and definitely most animals (though giraffes are cows or horses.  What the heck noise does a giraffe make anyway?)  We are under motivated to force her to talk like we did with Matthew.  She will talk eventually... I am not in a rush like I felt I had to be with Matthew.
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