Monday, May 3, 2010

Mountain Climbing

I found this quote while reading another blog and thought it was so wonderful and true.  In working to evolve and truly change for the better I find myself falling back into old patterns and behaviors that I want to let go of.... This is a good reminder that with each moment we have a choice to make about our lives, and how we want to change it and it does not need to happen on Monday morning or Friday evening or some other pre set time in the future.  Just NOW.

"I hope everyone that is reading this is having a really good day. And if you are not, just know that in every new minute that passes you have an opportunity to change that." - Gillian Anderson

12 miles.  I ran 12 miles on Sunday.  That is longest I have ever run.  By myself.  It was a long long run with gray clouds looming overhead and it looked like it might rain but I checked the radar and it said all the clouds will do is look threatening,  all the weather was to the south.  I put my hat on just in case.  I like to run after it rains a lot. The ground is soft and bouncy and the critters are out and about and there is NARY a soul on the road/trail!

I stashed a gel pack in my sports bra and made sure my iPod was charged this time (OMG I went running on Saturday with an uncharged iPod and it died ONE song in... than I died. the end!)  It was good run.  It was a long ass run.  My freaking quads are sore as all get out today.  I had to put some topical pain medicine on my shins after and I am hopeful my shins last throught next weekend.  I need them till than, mmmkay!?  I drank a shit load of chocolate milk when I got home and maybe later some chips and dip just for good measure.  Okay... the chips and dip had nothing to do with recovery like the chocolate milk.  Maybe more as a REWARD for doing TWELVE CONSECUTIVE FUCKING MILES! 

I discovered that 12 miles is not so bad.  I like to free form run.  I know about how far a mile is by now.  And I never really look at a map.  I just know where I need to get back to and what kind of location I need to be in to end the run in the amount of mileage I want it to end.  I know where the suckiest hills are and the places where I would end up being the jack ass running on the road (come on B-town build more sidewalks to my house!)  I ran out on the rails to trails trail into town to the downtown Bloomingfoods than I turned back and ran up the main road in town back through to the neighborhood with that wicked ass hill (Melissa I am looking at your 'hood, girl that hill has got to go!) to get back on the trail and 12 miles turned out to be right on the money outside my neighborhood.   Couldn't have planned it better if I were into planning things :) 

I also discovered that my "race" mix is good until about mile 9-ish?!  Than is goes downhill RAPIDLY so I must fix that.  I stacked the beginning with great music and middle with mellower music mostly because that is when I tend to get panicky and want a run to end and I think in a longer race it is good to have mellow-ish music to keep me upbeat and going but steady so I do not slow down or speed up too much but the end of the race is totally BAH.  Bad music that does not belong at the end of a BIG run.  So I will be working on that this week.

I do not like gel packs (esp. French vanilla blech blech blech) but I will use them because they did quell my hungry tummy and the gel I had kept me going.  I did end up getting a Starbucks coffee in the afternoon just to boost my spirits a bit more.  I realized I need to figure out a way to carry water.  A water belt or some item for water.  I suck at getting water in me at water tables and I want to just run and be able to drink water as needed without slopping it all over me and the person next to me and the person handing it to me and you get the picture...  SO I will be running out  (heh, no pun intended) to find those items this week as well a comfortable sleeveless shirt that covers my GUT.  Dude, do you think they make exercise shirts short because most people have abs who wear them?  'Cause I do NOT have abs and  just a gut that hangs out and it is not pretty.  MUST find a shirt that fits well and is not too heavy for running a long race. 

Anyway, so this is my taper week, I guess!  That is exciting!!!  Just a few short runs than a couple of rest days than the race!  Exciting! 
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