Tuesday, May 25, 2010

On Cardinals & Cookies

Squeee so excited... signed Matthew up for T-ball yesterday (ish) in the wee hours of the morning and we were the LAST ONES to get on that team which is exciting because it is one of my co-worker's favorite teams and she thinks she is going to mold my son into a fan of her team, which is fine by me because I root for some west coast team and most people in the Midwest would be all **scoff** they suck compared to "name the teams from the MIDWEST here." But dudes I am a Giants fan (and a hush falls over the crowd... Dare I mention I still get my fucking gas from BP.  I know I am an asshat.)  I went to their games when I was kid and all that jazz and their colors are way cooler than any other teams out there and let's face it AM A GIRL I like colors and Halloween which makes the Giants the best team on earth.  Plus who doesn't LURVE Barry FUCKING DOPE ADDICT Bonds, right?!  See I know some shit about "my" team.  All of this is kind of sarcastic in that I do not REALLY have a team (I mean I do like the Giants and if I am forced to watch Sports Center I do look to see how the Giants are doing because the baseball seasons these days seem to go on FOREVER) which is why I am okay with Matthew being molded into a  fan of this Midwestern team but also it is a hellava long drive to SF to see the Giants and it is much closer to St. Louis (and cheaper tooo...) Yo I am going to stop here, mmmm kay!?

I am also excited about the gifts bags we are creating for Matthew's preK teachers to say thank you for an amazing year!  I went to Michael's on Sunday to get some paint and paint paper and walked out with a flipping stepping stone (1/2 OFF!) and four cute bags that have matching note cards to put in them with a vague notion that Matthew and I would bake some chocolate chip cookies to put in them along with a nice handmade thank you card as well as maybe some candy that I would purchase.  I told Ashley about this and lo the next thing I know she and Matthew are going to create cookie flower pots and I will still buy some candy maybe and the handmade card but thank heaven for Ashley and her kick ass creative brain and the time/patience to create such things!  Will take pictures of these creations! Yeee HAW!
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