Friday, May 21, 2010

Pre-K Cometh To An End

October 2009 - Beginning of the Pre-K School Year

April 2010 - End of the Pre-K School Year
(the skinned knee is so freakin' classic, no?)

We totally bought the class photo too.  The class photo?  The best most hysterical photo eva.

Also, be forewarned for you peeps who are sending your kiddos to "our" school district, they do photos twice a year and they totally get you with the end of the year photo. 

They do not ask if you want a package, they just GIVE you the package and the photo is of course WAY better than the beginning of the year photo.  You can buy the whole package for $45 bucks or one photo each for like $12 bucks a pop. 
Whatever you do not keep, you return. 

We are suckers, obviously. 
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