Wednesday, May 5, 2010


She looks so big to me lately. 
You can see how long and curly her hair is in back especially in the 1st photo.
How it just seems to become more red with each passing day.
Mostly I was struck by how she looks like a BIG little girl.
I drove past a woman today who was out walking
with her wee baby wrapped up in a Moby clinging to her chest
and I thought how lovely that time was. 
How tiny and heavy and sweet babies are when they are just born.
I sent out thoughts to that Momma to enjoy it, that sweet baby
that she can tot around like that and her baby's needs which are so very simple
because before that momma knows it that baby
will turn into a BIG little person in what seems like mere moments...
Lil Miss has become a complex walking talking temper tantrum having spirited human being
with a killer smile and bright red hair and a giggle that fills a room,
my lil miss whom I love more with each passing moment.
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