Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Truck Heaven

Happiness is... the absolute unbelieveable excitement that Matthew exuded on Saturday from sitting in the FRONT seat of a pick up truck that we borrowed from a friend to haul our *NEW(ish)* outdoor dining table and umbrella home (I know right?!  the price was right as in FREE from our co-worker!  YEAH-NESS, now we can have outdoor meals and snacks and lunchs and OMG I need new plastic dishes stat!) and to get some loads of much needed mulch! 

Matthew was in seventh HEAVEN over the truck, the front seat, the ride in the truck.  He barely wanted to get out of truck at each stop!!!

And he even spent a good hour armed with his bug work gloves, a mini shovel and his Tonka dump truck hauling mulch to and from the truck to the flower beds, spreading the mulch out and returning to the truck for more.  Seven times he told me than he came in for a long, hot shower.  He was so exhausted he had to have a cold glass of chocolate milk and watch a show.  Flippin' cute.
Big Boy.
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