Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend Pics

Friday: In the Westin parking garage - laughing with glee at having arrived!?
"I love car crashes Mommy!"
Hamburger and Flies at Champs (Matthew's restaurant choice...)
Saturday: Marisa waiting for Mommy at Mile 5
Post Race - Matthew REFUSED to take a picture with me.  Whateves.
But then he left ME take a picture of him?!
This was about 3...2...1... seconds before she melted down and we left to go home.  The End.
Racing Bling!
Sunday: Marisa wearing her 'at and nasses" and she dug out these plastic bags
which she insisted on wearing on her hands while pantless. 
It was pretty funny.
Mother's Day Bling
Cards and Crafts from the wee tots
My Mother's Day Gifts!
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