Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bouncing Babies

Foam Pit
She LOVED this particular trampoline. 
She even waited for her turn over and over and over again!
Jump jump jump - look jump!
My cutie pants
Gym Adventure - taking it all in!

Honestly, I had no intention of having Marisa doing anything this young.  My intention was to wait to do anything until she is maybe 4 years old just based on what we learned from Matthew. 

But the girl has a wicked dare devil streak.  Like freakin' scary fearless.  Which I think is rad and all that but it can be heart stopping.  She likes to hang from things and fall from great heights and jump and bounce and run fast and roll and did I mention falling from great heights?

This program is totally unstructured which is what I would want for Marisa at this age.  Matthew just happened to come along and said he wanted to do it too.  I think he liked it as much as his sister! 

Bonus:  The kids were exhausted after this!
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