Thursday, June 17, 2010


I am glad to be home.  I am glad to be done travelling for a bit.  I am glad that travel makes me glad to be home. 

I am glad we missed the storms here.  I am glad that the wonky tree fell down (shhh do not tell Kevin this...) I am glad that it is green and lush and the flowers seem to glow here.   I am glad the weather was fabulous in the 'Peg, for once.

I am glad that Marisa enjoyed her time with me and did not want to spend one moment away from me the entire time we were on vacation.  I am glad that I got to sleep snuggled up next to Marisa every night.  I am glad Matthew had a chance to spend special time with Kevin - he loves it.  I am glad that Matthew is old enough now to sleep in the spare room in the basement at G-pa's house. 

I am glad that T-ball was cancelled last night.  I am glad that I decided not to run last night but rather drink a beer on the deck with Kevin and talk.  I am glad I got the groceries done yesterday and Matthew came with me.  I am glad the laundry is mostly done. I am glad we decided to do breakfast for dinner (a traditional post vacation dinner :)

I am glad my house is clean and neat and organized.  I am glad that I cleaned our bathroom before we left to go on vacation.  I am glad that our neighbors are uber friendly.  I am glad that we have such a lovely home to come home to.  I am glad that I like to unpack and get everything put away by the time I go to bed the night we return from a trip.

I am glad for my cousin in Canada and my other cousin in Florida and my friends in Arizona, Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan.  I am glad for my husband.  I am glad for my kids and their kisses and hugs.

I am glad that this weekend is special for two reasons.  I am glad that I am at work today.  I am glad that I get to go home and see Matthew at lunch.  I am glad that I get to sit in the sun at lunch with Matthew and the dogs.  I am glad that today is Thursday.

I am glad to be alive.
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