Friday, June 11, 2010

Home Away From Home

We are in the 'Peg right now.  The trip was good.  Marisa took to flying FINALLY so here's hoping that it sticks because I have big plans for the future! 

We had to get up at the butt crack of dawn to catch the plan which sucked and was good all at once.  We get here early enough to hang out but I mostly napped and let Matthew watch TV so I am not sure that is entirely a win-win. 

We finally learned lo these many years later that taking a Friday to Wednesday kind of trip helps us with time off from work rather than weekend to weekend.  It is too much time away from the office plus it makes the time seem to last longer which is odd but true.

The 2nd plane was a bit delayed and other than Marisa not really napping like AT ALL, we survived it all.

We met Henry's friend.  She is lovely and I like her quite a bit and I can see why Henry likes her.  A first for Kevin.

Henry and Kevin went to visit Barb and see her grave marker.  A first for Kevin.

And they did the pre-registration for the walk and the reason we are here.  Cancer Cares in honor of Barb.  They have raised over $18k which exceeded Kevin's expectations and they ended 7th in the top 10 teams that raised money.  If you know Canada philanthropy is very different here so that is pretty awesome.  A first for Kevin.

The weather is frigid here.  60s and rain.  BAH to that.  It should get better but my hopes are low in that regard and I under packed as usual.  Thankfully I did bring the kids a couple of warmer items.

We are going to hit the zoo and a child's music festival and see friends and family and all the usual things.  I realized after 10 years of coming here this feels like home.  I actually know a lot of people and  I am excited to see everyone.  I am glad for my home away from home!
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