Thursday, June 3, 2010


I read Miss Zoot.  She is at the top of my Reader because I love her photos and often what she writes resonates with me.  She shared the sad ending to story I was not aware of about a boy named Henry.  It really just profoundly touched me.  It made me hold Matthew's hand tightly.  It made me realize that I can neither protect my child forever nor can I stop genetics, what the world offers up to him, or any parenting mis-step that I may make.  I can only drink in every last moment with happiness and joy in my heart.   

Last night, Kevin read me an email from one of his long time family friend's from Canada.  They are a family of boys - four of them.  The boys are all married now and there is a gaggle of children, ALL girls.  Kevin told me that J wrote that K had a baby girl via emergency c-section prematurely.  Little Josie is not moving her limbs and there is possible brain damage.  My heart ached at that very moment as it always does when I hear about babies.  I snuggled Marisa this morning extra long and stroked that red hair and silky soft skin.  I am reminded that life is filled with unbelievable unimaginable pain.

Hold your kiddos tight a bit longer today because you can.
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