Monday, June 21, 2010

Marisa Summer Edition

Ruffle Bum
Rollin' with this 25 year old baby stroller.  What up my peeps, what up?!
Classic Marisa
"Mulp? Momma?  Mulp.  Oops."
Me: 'Hmm, I wonder why the milk spilled.'
"Oh yeah I totally downed that THAT."
"No really!  What is she gonna do about it now?  I spilled the mulp already anyway."
Summertime (sung to that Will Smith song, yo.)
Marisa: "Momma, why did you buy this hat?"
Me: "Because it makes you look cute... like Strawberry Shortcake. 
And it was only $2.80 Canadian."
Marisa: "You purposely made me look like Strawberry shortcake? 
I am not sure I am going to like this in 14 years or so..."
Me: "Mulp?  Want to drink some mulp?"

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