Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Spidey Sense is Tingling

(My "home made" art - we got old comic books circa my birth year - shut it!)

We switched Matthew's room over a couple of months ago from trucks to Spider-man.
These photos are actually a couple of months old. 
We are still hoping to one day find some great furniture that we love for his room.
We desperately need to find some furniture for both kid's rooms. 
I feel like I am in some weird loop about said furniture and we cannot commit because
we are both too picky and too cheap which is awesome.
I found these kick ass wall decals online for $15 bucks.  Y'all I was SO proud!
It was very hard to find non sexual comic book covers. 
The one far right is a bit ummm well let's say PG versus the G rating I would prefer...
but that is apparently how we roll?
New Sheets from Pottery Barn Kids! 
The comforter is missing, right? 
Yeah this was the day Matthew wet his bed so that was being cleaned...
Ohhhh these are blank cards we found in an unopened packet in the used book place!
Spidey is saying "I am turning out the lights on Matthew GO TO SLEEP!!!"
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