Monday, June 7, 2010

So Much Randomness, It Hurts.

Today is the day. Kevin and I are going to get back to eating healthier again. Even with an impending vacation/trip, we figured no time like the present. We have been eating lots of chips, ice cream and drinking entirely TOO much beer. For me, this will stop. I cannot speak for Kevin though I know he agreed to work on what we eat especially after the kids have gone to bed!

On a related note, the decision was made to run another ½ marathon in October so I am excited to get started on training for that. This time I am hoping to do some of the weight training and eating right that I hoped to do for the first one. Perhaps those 10 lbs will finally melt away (hahahahahaa).

Kevin and I had a lunch date on Friday! That was awesome. We need to do this more often.

I had a great weekend but it was very busy. After next weekend, I am hoping to have weekend were we do nothing. I was a golf widow for ½ the day on Sunday and realized how lovely it was to sit around the house doing absolutely nothing and everything. We did leave the house once to go to Starbucks for yummy breakfast sammies and a Mocha for Mommy but other than that we enjoyed our home. The novelty, eh?

Matthew watched some shows he never gets to see (Matthew hearts Chuggington). While he was doing that, Marisa and I pulled out every toy upstairs that we never play with and, well, played! Marisa did get a little aggressive at one point, my little pincher, and had to have multiple timeouts but once we were all downstairs everything flowed smoothly. We made a Little People village across the floor and played. After some rain, it turned into the most beautiful Sunday so outside we went for some wheeled play and a walk. The long and short of it and the lesson learned (to be kept in mind for future use) was that home is where my heart is. Something I have always known but we have simply been so busy this summer with trips, friends and activities that it was a good reminder that even in the summer months it is good to stop and enjoy what we have right in front of us. A great house!

I painted a chair this weekend! OMG. The legs need to be touched up in back but man I cannot say enough good stuff about Rust-Oleum spray paint. I saw an ad last summer that you could use it on wood furniture. We have this chair my mom bought for me when I was in Grad school at Shopko years ago and it was ugly. I did not want to buy a traditional desk chair because BAH to traditional shit. The chair was not only ugly but also did not match. SO I bought a can of spray paint – black. I planned to do this LAST summer but never did but I finally got to it and I wished I had done it a year ago. I highly recommend trying this stuff out! It was fun and turned out well! YEAH!

I tried to kill myself cleaning up the garage this weekend too – this involved letting sharp broken glass fall onto me slicing my leg open (okay okay it was a little nick but still) and working the swampy appalling heat on Saturday afternoon. Again with the related note, the garage looks fucking amazing! We could even maybe try to get both cars in there which we will never do but we could!

We finally went through the mounds of baby stuff cluttering the one corner. We brought a bunch of stuff in for a pregnant co-worker and took a shit load of stuff to Once upon a Child and Goodwill. I never go to Once upon a Child anymore except when we drop stuff off. This time I actually shopped and found two cute dresses (BRAND NEW from Gymboree), a pair of cutie shorts and a skirt for Marisa plus I bought a cute bow and for Matthew a great button down shirt (Columbia!) and a Spiderman shirt that I suspect will be worn out by the end of the summer (he shrieked when he saw it!) It was about an even trade but I had a 15% card filled up so I made money – HA! Love that.

We attended a party Friday night where the kids slipped and slided and Matthew is addicted to Badminton of the all the things in the world (this was played on the BADMINTON court these people have – this house is flippin’ amazing.) I also realized afterwards that I may need to invest in two new swimsuits this summer for the kids. Their suits are worn out and it is only the beginning of June?! Prior to playing in the water and grass and sun at the party for three hours, the kids went to the new water pad thingy in town and spent the afternoon there and prior to that Matthew had water day at his camp. I checked – the kids do not have gills… yet.

ZOMG, I forgot about this – Matthew also went to swim birthday party at the Y. Seriously, I need to check for gills again.

Let us NOT talk about the photo session we had on Saturday morning. It was horrific and I am STILL trying to forget about it. If the photographer got ONE good photo of each kid he is a photo GOD seriously. The kids were NOT at their best and by the end of it all Kevin and I were down each other’s throats about it all. Not to mention it was humid as all get out.

I uploaded some fun new songs/bands to the iPod – Marina and the Diamonds, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and some of Jack Johnson’s new stuff. Marina and the Diamonds remind me of Siouxsie and the Banshees – one of my favorite bands from the 90s that I used to *illegally* go dance to at the 16 and up clubs/21 and up clubs in Palo Alto and East San Jose when I was 14-15 (Wha?! Oh yeah my kids? NOT GETTING AWAY WITH A FUCKING THING, I tell you I have done it all...) Another fun one is Florence and the Machine if you like that kind of stuff. The names of the bands just kill me.

Any who, how to end this rambling post, I wonder? I hope everyone learned something great this weekend, played outside in the sunshine, enjoyed some fantastic music, made something old new and loved it, set goals, and just plain lived for the moment before the moments pass them by!
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