Monday, June 21, 2010

Story Tellers

Matthew's first "story" to us happened around the same age, somewhere close to two.  I am sure if I tried real hard or even looked it up somewhere I could tell you the exact age.  While I like history and dates and stuff, I am not a huge fan of comparing them too much.  Plus I am lazy and who the heck knows where any of that stuff is anyway?!

Matthew's story was about a giant green caterpillar that ate all of our tomato plant making itself huge and fat on our pretty green and red cherry tomatoes thus decimating the plant leaving huge caterpillar turds behind.  I found it and gave it to Kevin who ran the awful thing to the back corner of the yard of our old house and threw it far over the fence into the weeds so it could never come back. 

This whole thing happened when Matthew was too young to remember but we retold the story many times so that by the time we moved into the "new" house he remembered it like it was his and he told us the story of the green bug that ate the plant and Daddy threw it over the fence. 

So began Matthew's true talking.  He was mostly quite till then.  I even worried that he had speech issues.  I asked the Ped about it and worried and listened to every little kid that was his age and worried even more because my boy was saying practically nothing and other little kids were speaking in three and four word sentences and wail I must be doing something wronnnnng.  Than he told this story.  And he has not shut up since (said in the most loving of ways, OF COURSE.)

Fast forward to Marisa.  She has been the same way as Matthew in terms of speech.  She says little and uses a lot of signs and gestures and what not.  We got along and I was definitely less worried since I knew Matthew was this way too.  We did not push or hurry her along with talking and just let her do it in her own time.  I worried her first real sentence would entail something with the word "crap" in it since I say that a lot.  Thankfully it was not.

Ashley took the wee tots to the local splash pad on Friday to beat the heat.  That night at dinner, Marisa leaned over to her Daddy looked at him with twinkling eyes, raised one chubby little index finger of one hand and said "One baby."  'Mmm hmm', Kevin responded looking confused,  'one baby, Marisa?'

She nodded and rapidly said "One Baby.  Night-night (making the sign for sleep).  SPLASH!  Ashey!"*  Then she laughed and looked quite pleased with herself (as she should!)  We got it.  She spent the remainder of the weekend telling this story and adding to it and it was super cool and we were proud and well MA baby is talking a lot these days and that is awesome!

*Ashley said she just stood outside of the splash pad most of the time staring at that sleeping baby.  Marisa loves babies.  Good thing because there will be plenty of babies to stare at soon enough!
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