Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer Camp

One thing about Matthew being involved in a number of activities over the past two years is that he knows a lot more "people" than we do and he can tell us who he knows now.  Prior to that either we had to remember the kids/parents or we just forgot what people/kids looked like, where they were from, etc...

Matthew is a tentative kid.  I have been searching high and low for a word besides shy.  He is not outright shy, I guess.  Plus I am not a fan of the word shy itself because it truly does not describe Matthew.  He is definitely tentative on the front end especially in our presence.  I know for a fact that if Kevin and I are not around he is less tentative.  So apparently we make him feel less bold which I suppose makes sense since we are his safety zone but it can feel frustrating at times to know how gregarious he is when we are not around and how unsure safe we make him feel.  Any which way I look at it, shy or tentative, it is who Matthew is and I am definitely not complaining about who he is.  I love that he is tentative, that he likes to review the details and see who is who and what is what.  It is just sometimes hard to remember that is how he is when he is not like that around everyone!

Any who, I love that where ever we go Matthew knows someone.  We walk into Target and he knows that girl from camp.  "She was my counselor" or "Look there is Miss Amy!"  We can walk into the library, pool area, the park or the Y and he will inevitably know one of the kids running around from camp/school/soccer/swimming.

This morning was the first day of camp drop off.  It is a super short camp week, three days.  One of Matthew's little friend's from camp last year is going to be in camp with him this week.  N's mother and I decided to try out the first week where the boys will know one another but we were both nervous about them being in the 5-6 age group.  Both boys just turned five.  N turned five about a month after Matthew.  We figure if it is a disastrous experience for the boys, it will only be for three days. 

Matthew was practically vibrating when we walked into the building for drop off!  He was so excited.  We dropped his paper work off and dumped his lunch bag/back pack in the bins and Matthew looked around.  It was a rainy day which meant we had to drop off inside.  It was organized chaos inside.  With tons of older people trying to workout and kids running and jumping and balls flying and parents trying to find the right group with little siblings trying to take it all in.  Matthew was grinning from ear to ear in the midst of this craziness.  N was not there yet so we just stopped to take it all in. 

Than O walked up.  "Hi Matthew!"  Matthew grinned back at him but said nothing.  So I said 'Hi!  What is your name?'  The little boy giggled and said 'O'  I am always infinitely grateful for kids like O.  Outgoing and comfortable with everyone.  It makes my job easier as a parent I have come to discover especially when my child is the tentative one.  I said "O, Matthew how do you two know one another?"  O giggled again and Matthew leaned over and whispered in my ear "Soccer!"  I said "OH Soccer.  Very Cool.  Would you two like to go play?  Mommy has to get going so give me a kiss goo..." And they were gone with Matthew calling over his shoulder "Bye Mommy!"  I looked back as I left and they were having a blast running and bouncing the ball, both were smiling and chattering to one another and the other kids around them.

N and his Mommy were walking in as I was leaving so we stopped to chat.  N was vibrating too.  He waved and said "HIYA!" with the same ear to ear grin.  I told N that Matthew was super excited to see him which made him beam even more. 

I have a feeling this going to be a good camp week!
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