Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sunk Costs

Things I have spent money on the past two days:

Lifetime photography sessions... so I can now relive the hell of last Saturday repeatedly year after year! 

Bonus: there were actually some good shots of each child and EVEN two good ones of the kids together. So our photographer is AMAZING and well worth the money which technically I did not spend since my boss gave me a gift certificate for his services (again) so the sitting and purchases were free but the life time photography sessions (HIGHLY discounted) were not so there.  He is quite a salesman apparently! 

Note to future me:  Matthew and Marisa may hate you for this!

Tickets for a kid's play at the local theatre: 1 adult, 1 child = $31 dollars worth of fun (hopefully) in a few weeks.  I am trying to imagine how a giant mouse will NOT give Matthew nightmares but I suppose we will cross that bridge when we get to it.  At least we made the intelligent choice to ONLY take Matthew?

Two new bathing suits for the kids:  One pink ice cream cone suit and one pair of light blue board shorts with surf boards in the shape of a peace sign.   The kids will now look "presentable" at public pools/lakes/water parks and we can keep the permanently stained brown, saggy suits for the house!

Lunch at Bloomingfoods with my husband (again) (I know, right?!): Priceless!!! And yummy too :)

Another 1/2 marathon: I will either physically far apart and die from the training OR I will lose that last 10 lbs, look as hot as I hoped to the last time I trained for a 1/2 and I will get my goal time.  Here's hoping it is the later rather than the former, eh?

(this post is so painfully unexciting it is no wonder no one reads this shit any more!)
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