Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekend Edition By Numbers

Weekend by numbers:
Hours spent watching the kids play in the kiddie pool: too many to count
Days spent watching the kids in the kiddie pool: 3
Trips to Target: 1
New toys acquired for the kiddie pool: 3
Total amount spent on those toys: $10
Days of brilliant blue beautiful sunshine: 3
Number of BBQs hosted/attended: 2
Times we used our new outdoor dining table: zero
Average temperature: 86
Number of hot dogs/hamburgers eaten between the four of us: 10
Number of jars of homemade Strawberry Jam made by Kevin: 10
Number of hours Matthew and I took a siesta while Kevin made jam: 2 (!!!)
Number of hours the boys spend fishing: 3
Number of Copperhead snakes seen while fishing: 1 (too many)
Ratio of lifeguards to us at the indoor pool: 1 to 4
Total amount of sunscreen used: 1 entire can  (most of which seemed to end up in Marisa's hair)
Times I had to change a poopy swim diaper: 1 (too many)
Number of rain storms that passed through: 1
Number of times Marisa scratched-pinched us:  145 (estimates are variable)
Homemade desserts made: 2 (Strawberry Brown Betty and Banana Bread)
Number of times I thought to myself "what a fabulous weekend!": 723,597,359

I am feeling sad that I must be at work today - the upside?  A four day week!  Downside: lots of stormy days ahead.

Matthew finishes pre-K today!  Then I have a Kindergartner!  He also starts camp tomorrow.  And T-ball in two weeks.  He seems like such a big kid to me and it sort of bothers me that this is so surprising to me.  However, he did sleep in our bed last night for no known reason.

Marisa is close to cutting one of four molars which may kill me dead. 

We went to a friend's house over the weekend.  There are two adults and child.  He is a handy dude.  He finished the basement as a "fun project" - it was basically only framed out when they moved in.  The house has a three car garage and it is ranch over a walk out and the entire space up and down is all open concept.  4,800 sq ft.  That space felt palatial.  I guess they have a dog too.  That is an insane amount of space!  Their basement is more than the size of our entire upstairs.  What did I learn?  Definitely not up sizing if we ever build or buy a new house down the road! 

Oh and we had a 4:00 am wake-up call from our smoke detectors - the one in Marisa's room ran out of juice.  Scared the life out of us.  The kids?  Slept through it all which just makes me laugh.   Marisa even slept through the two hours worth of chirping because we are good parents/homeowners and had no extra batteries and dare I state the obvious - we did not change the batteries, like ever...  DOH. 
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