Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Biker Boy

That's my BIG boy...
He loves it. 
We worked on stopping and starting a bit more this week. 
This is his second full week sans training wheels.
The first week was a bit rough.
He ran into a lot of trees, potted plants, and one pricker bush.
He was okay. 
Mostly a few little scratches. 
His bike is worse off then he was.
There was a lot of cheering from everyone.

Okay, most everyone cheered.  Marisa mostly just tried to avoid getting run over.
No really Marisa was excited for Matthew too
though she really did get run over a couple of times. 

Marisa likes to sit in her stroller when she is tired and we are outside.
This was at the end of a VERY long day Sunday where she got up at the crack of dawn, skipped her nap, was non stop hungry 
and was close to being in full out meltdown mood,
which was thankfully not captured on film.
I snapped a couple of shots and I kind of love these looks
she is giving whatever it is she is looking at,
mostly I think she is gnashing her molars in back together
I love the lighting and how it caught her true fiery red hair color.
She was trying to get out of stroller and was mad as heck that she could not.
Did I mention she is teething all four molars at the same time?
They are all in various stages of being out but none are all the way out.  WOE.

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