Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Early Gifties

We put together and gave Marisa's her 2nd birthday gifts* early.
We thought two things...
HUGE boxes sitting in the garage seemed lame
why not let the kids use them for 
a better part of the summer!?
Matthew was a huge help
he was pretty jealous excited
about the new "toys"
even though his legs are too long for the slide
he is too tall for the house.
He actually kept the secret from Marisa
for a good hour the day
we gave her the gifts
while they waited for me to return
from the grocery store.
Her first view of the cottage!
She was a little tentative at first...
but she warmed up to everything - quickly!
It rained like mad right before we went outside
so she helped dry her new toys
with her rump!
Home Sweet Home
...and the fact that doorbell spooks
Kevin every time into racing up
the stairs to check to see who
is ringing our doorbell is kind of fun too. 

*For the record, the cottage was from us and
the all star slide climber thingie was from Kevin's father!
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