Friday, July 30, 2010

Fairly Fair

We took off work early last night and hit the fair.

It was hot.

We ate a lot. 3 buttered corns, two hot dogs, a burger, some fries, an elephant ear, 1 Coke (for Kevin), two Lemonades, and a gigantic bag of Kettle corn. I am still wishing we went back for the funnel cake. Oh well.

We rode a bunch of rides. Marisa has absolutely NO fear of rides. I do. Also, riding rides at the new and improved carnival was awesome (3rd best rated one in the country or so said the nice carny dude I had a convo with – we are fancy like that!) and expensive.

Matthew whined a lot about a lot of things. I hate our stroller too. Pain in the rump.

It was hot, did I mention this?

We watched the best kiddie show in the kid’s big top tent. Some dude who had 20 different kinds of animals and an act and he was flippin’ funny. Matthew got to hold the snake and pet the toad and touch the porcupine, rabbits and a dog. Marisa did too. We only went to this show because Matthew was whining. GO whining!

We saw some dude carving wood into stuff. With a chain saw. Awesome!

We received a total of three balloons. We left the fair with ONE. Matthew pitched a fit because he lost one and it was Marisa’s and he was so so so so so sorry. FTLOG, I will get her another one SOON I promise DO NOT WORRY about it little boy!

We got to play on farm implements complete with sharp blades and dangerous points with no one around to supervise. Only in the Midwest, y’all.

We watched a horse show (competition) (dressage). I do not know what it was but it was hot out there.

We got to see ducks, turkeys, hens, chickens, pigeons (?), cows, pigs, horses, sheep (Marisa hated them and kept yelling Too OUD TOO OUD…), and 'Babbits Momma Babbits. Hell-wo Babbits.'  God I love that kid.

The band was playing and if I closed my eyes so I did not see the lady wearing that very unfortunate tank top and the man wearing the too short jean shorts with no teeth and the little boy punching his little brother and taking his ice cream cone with an explanative… I felt a little like I stepped back in time. The county fair is very sweet here.

We got stuck in traffic on the way out with two screaming kids in the backseat. Good thing we had kettle corn, though ear plugs would have been advisable at that point!

Good times. Also, I am glad the county fair only happens once a year!
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