Monday, July 5, 2010

July the Fourth of 2010

Fourth Parade - Happy coincidence to run into friends
(Marisa looks so sad to be back there but she was
really happy most of the time sitting in her stroller!)
Shoulder Top View (I said MOST of the time :)
This was the best $9.99 I have spent in years - a slip and slide!
Action Hero!
Total ham for the camera
Blue Boy
Taking it all in
Frisbee game
Lush would be a good way to describe the weather...
or HOT and HUMID and HEAVY and BLECH!
I loved it!
Fourth of July Outfit
Red, White and Rock N Roll (2 years out of this shirt y'all!)
We had a great weekend. 
Lots of laughs, too much food and beer (but it was all so yummy).
Local small town holiday parade, Little Twinklers gym time, laundry done early!
Two park visits, slip and sliding pool time, chatting with nice-y neighbors
Watching my little boy catching fireflies, giggling over flappy black bats on a star lit night.
Time spent helping friends move, Target runs too many, some cleaning here and there.
Someone learned the basics of riding HIS bike without training wheels,
Causing all of us to beam with pride about this new "skill"!
 Many American flags on the front lawn, beautiful fireworks that we never had to leave our house to watch! Sunshine a plenty, summer time in full swing, hot and humid. 
Heart heart heart!
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