Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Leaping and Hopping On A Moonshadow

We camped last weekend.
In the backyard
Quite possibly on the HOTTEST day of the year
We had a fire pit.
It made everything seem hotter
It was wonderful
and miserable all at once
We took advantage of the fact that we were at home
We put Marisa to bed in her own bed, on time
Fire making the 96 degree evening seem like 106
Without smores, it would not be camping
We also grilled burgers for dinner!
Self Portrait
it was so hot it took almost an hour
for my camera to STOP fogging up!
See, No Fog
This is my kid on sugar!
Matthew is ADDICTED to Smores!
The dogs joined us in our outdoor adventure
Hunting for fireflies on the back 40 (HA .004 acre!)
I was eaten alive back there but it was so much fun
to hear Matthew jump and yell at every little flashing light!
The Set Up: Tent and chair
Fiery Night - we told stories by the camp fire,
relaxed and drank some beers,
Matthew poked the fire about 1,000 times,
we talked about the stars and constellations
Kevin and Matthew sang Moon Shadows
while chasing their moon shadows
It was awfully cute!
Thank goodness for the coolness of Stella
Matthew with his fireflies
None were harmed in the catching and releasing of these fireflies!
Matthew and I tried to lay down in the tent
then Kevin and Matthew tried.
It was HOT.
So they camped inside on the floor in the cool, cool basement.
We will do this again on a cooler night
and maybe next year we will even take
our dog and pony show on the road!
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