Monday, July 26, 2010

Pacifer Be Gone

Marisa no longer takes a pacifier. We decided one day a couple of months back that enough was enough. She did not really need it anymore and we were down to two measly sad looking pacifiers. As I think harder about this it was just after our May trip to Gatlinburg in fact that we did this. Ashley tried doing no pacifier with naps and she went down with a little fuss but she went down. That Friday after we returned we just stopped cold turkey and do know what? It was easy. Obviously WE needed the silly pacifier more than she did!

The best part of getting rid of the pacifier has been three fold. The most stupid lame and really like DUH part of the good is that she talks more. She is a chitter-chattering fool and we love it! Not that she was completely silent before but now she just tries all of kinds of words and vocal ranges and the tantrums are pretty spectacularly fun to deal with. NO really I mean tantrums bring me to tears… from laughing? Why couldn’t I laugh at Matthew like this? Everything drove me batty about his tantrums at this age. Live and learn, I suppose. Remind me to leave a written apology in Matthew’s baby book. Do you think Hallmark makes cards like that? ‘Sorry you were the first child and you got the best and worst of Mommy and Daddy’ cards?! Oy vey. I guess on the flip side a nice “sorry you were the neglected 2nd child’ card might be helpful as well.

Any who, talking means she is trying to read. No really like read – LIKE being the operative word here. She runs her finger under the word and makes up a word and “reads”. Cracks my ass up. Mostly she memorizes the story and then retells it in her own words. She told me the Piggies and Curious George board book stories last night without prompting. Then she went into Matthew’s room and forced lovingly told him the stories then he rolled his eyes and told her to get out high fived her and gave her a loving kiss Good-night

Finally, she suddenly has all kinds of things she loves. But unlike Matthew who glommed on to his “blankie” from the ‘git’ go, she flits from lovey object to lovey object. Because I am a good Mommy I realized that girlie might like a pillow so I finally extracted her crib pillow from the closet which she received from her Great Oma and she has this little hot pink soft satin blanket that I think was intended to be a burp cloth but we never ever used as a burp cloth that goes over the pillow. Then we put her feather bed blanket in her bed and she thinks it is blast to flop into that thing with no fear of cracking her forehead whatsoever.

She dug out a stuffed baby doll that has been floating around her room since before she was born and she had no interest in until this week so into that crib that went. Then she spilled water last week on her bedding and her “favorite” blanket so Kevin gave her a random alternate one that she now sleeps with and seems to love just as well. Prior to these items there were two huge stuffed dogs that entered and left her bed twice. A stuffed giraffe that Matthew gave to her but then took away. And another odd blanket that she took out of the closet which was also Matthew’s favorite blanket at one point. I know eventually she will fall in love with one thing but I am kind of enjoying the parade of items thus far.

I have to say I am pretty glad the pacifier is gone, a little later then we intended but gone none the less. The only thing I will say about not having a pacifier is that the noise level in the car has reached epic levels the past few months but that I can live with. Now if I could just magically make those four molars appear, I will be much happier!
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