Monday, July 19, 2010

Park: Matthew Edition

A day at the park in the 96 degree sun beating
down on our heads 100% humidity day...
Going to the brand new(ish) treeless park makes sense, right?
Apparently cute five year olds do not notice the hot humid days like us old farts!
Rock Climbing
This sums up how Matthew feels about the camera being shoved in his face
Ahh that is more like it!
Tunnel Vision
And again with the tongue.  I get it kid I get it.
Ahh but it is not going to stop us.
The rare and elusive ME and my most favorite lil dude.
First, let me say I hate this shirt and I have no idea
why I continue to torture myself by wearing it. 
I take it back I know why...I am too cheap to buy myself anything new I will continue to walk around looking semi preggo. 
Rock on. I am like the anti MILF! 
Second, I started lifting weights about ten seconds after seeing
these photos because BAH to lumpy arms. 
Third, I am totally fucking turning into my Mother/Granny/Oma all rolled up into one.
It is a tad scary to me. 

I still love the photo even though I am dorking it up.
Thank goodness for Matthew
He is totally rad like that!
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