Friday, July 16, 2010

Purple Scare

Scary moment last night after dinner. Marisa started SCREAMING bloody murder at the top of her lungs. I was cleaning up the kitchen and had already sent Kevin to get her from the bathroom once before because dude it’s the bathroom and my 23 month old is hanging out there - GROSS. This was the 2nd time and holy cow I was like “OH my, did she fall off the stool, again? “ That was not it at all.

Kevin yelled for me in an urgent and panicked voice, “Christina COME QUICK.” I dropped what I was doing and ran in there. Girlfriend got into the cabinet under the sink where we keep all the medicine. The kid’s stuff is “usually” in a lock box but apparently the last cough binge/cold Matthew had we put the night time cough medicine (purple Triaminic) back in there without (a) putting the child proof cap on properly and (b) not putting it back into the lock box. SWEET. This was probably me who did this as Kevin so kindly pointed out. Gee thanks Hon for pointing out my continued failing as a Mommy.

Prior to our arrival, she was busy pouring herself a dose of medicine for “teef, my teefffff” she told me frantically upon our discovering her standing in a puddle of purple medicine. The entire contents of the bottle were every where and, oh my gawd, my heart freaking well stopped. Kevin was like ‘we need a medicine cabinet’ and I was like ‘DUDE how is that going to stop them pray tell? If they want something they are going to climb to get it.’ SO we cleaned up, determined that she did not indeed drink a crap load of purple nighttime cold formula, though she did sleep through the night last night... something she has not been doing for a couple of weeks now, and moved the lock box to our bathroom.

The issue with Marisa is twofold. We are less vigilant with her then we were with Matthew. We both knew where he was at all times. He was never left to wander the house without us. When we moved into our current house, Matthew was just about Marisa’s age now, 23 (ish) months or so. He did not learn to turn the doorknobs in this house until he probably close (ish) to 2.5 years old. Marisa has been able to do this for about 6 weeks now which is wreaking havoc on our once calm lives. She can now get into all the rooms plus the bathroom and the linen closet. FUCK.

Our choices are these… we need to move everything, put locks on the cabinets, and/or keep the doors locked. The interior doors on our house have locks on the inside but if the door is locked from the outside they have a little thing that helps you to easily open the door from outside. I am inclined to keep the Master bedroom door locked and moving everything UP so Marisa cannot get it (think the top shelf of the linen closet.) I hate those stupid little childproof locks. I know that is a bad thing to hate but I do.

Oh and possibly NOT let Marisa wander the house, specifically the BATHROOM, by herself. Poor second child!

As an aside, has anyone else noticed that a lot of Mommy (type) bloggers are into four main things right now: Cross fit, Primal diets (which come on people brother is making a shit load of money off people by telling them to not eat processed food, like you know EAT HEALTHY?! I wish I would have thought of the brilliant simplicity of this AND marketed it as EATING PRIMAL! Hell’s bells…), BlogHer and Lululemons. Prior to these four things, it was Working Closet and Running (esp. Couch to 5k and/or doing Triathlons?!) Zombies, which is another theme that is both funny and weird… Or maybe that is still “in”….

After four years of reading blogs, I can definitely see these kinds of comical themes that run through Mommy blogs. If one “popular” blogger is writing about something, then they are all writing about it. It is likely they all talk about the same things because they are all interrelated in some way for me. For instance, I followed the link from one blog to another, etc… I guess I am just saying that there is definitely a homogenization of blogs especially among Mommy (type) blogs.

No, I am not bothered by it by any stretch, merely an observation.

And, yes, I know I can stop reading those blogs if they bother me. I just wonder if they realize they do it and it is an interesting thing to note.
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