Friday, July 23, 2010

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I love this blog.  He is an American living in Britain and he travels all over Europe.  Since I cannot do this appropriately at the moment and I am mostly relegated to travel in North America which is fine but not exactly what I dream about so I live vicariously through this blog.

I also love this blog.  Ida from Denmark living in CA who, you guessed, travels a lot.

What do I love about these two blogs beyond the travel?  The photos are amazing and have inspired me to look at the world in a different way.
We hit the outlet mall a couple of weekends back on whim.  Matthew needed new kicks that last longer then three months (Boo hiss to Target for making crappy runners but yeah to his first Nike runners!!!) and Kevin needed new man flops.  When we were in the shoe store looking for Matthew's shoes, I was trying to entertain Marisa.  I lit upon the craziest shoes I could find and stuck them on her feet.  AND the reaction was so priceless that we ordered her a pair (SIZE EFFING WELL 7... wail) which arrived and are a near constant fav paired with the most hideous socks she can possibly find, yo.  Pink Hello Kitty socks from the $1 bin at Target.  Anyway, I highly recommend the Twinkle Toes shoes for your high spirited girlie girl who loves some bling on her shoes!!!  

Thanks to my bestie, Jen, Marisa also scored a new pair of cutie pink Mary Jane Crocs for all of $9.99 for next year all because Jen sent me the codes!  Thanks Mommacita!!!

AND finally while shopping at Target with another friend who was seeking out cheapie girl shoes for a wedding they were attending Marisa scored another pair of white summer shoes for $4.99 in the clearance section.  A section I hardly ever check in on but I will now!  GO and do it too if you have not already.
I have been having skin issues.  Lots of 'em.  I discovered some great new make-up that has been working well for me - it is the basic Clinique stuff which I always go back to (a) because there is not much to choose from in this town and (b) because the dermatologist recommended it when I was 12 and had acne issues and to this day it continues to be the best thing for my craptastic acne prone skin.  This stuff is great for daily use!
Have you tried these?  If not, get some with hummus!  Delicious-ous.  Even the kids nosh on them happily!  In our local grocery (Kroger), these are located in the Organic section.  YUM!
Watch Chasing Mummies on the History Channel.  It seems a bit scripted but it is super fun to see all these amazing tombs and this crazy man who takes care of them!  We are mummy crazy in our house as it is!
I am mad at my Nike+ chip right now.  Sucker is failing me... sadly I think I need to suck it up and buy a new one.  It is bumming me out.  Makes me consider buying the expensive ass Garmin watch.   Or a cheap-o Ironman from Target for $19.99!  I have loved the Nike+ and I have consistently given it rave reviews until now.  Just bums me out that I have to contribute to electronic waste every year or so in the name of running!?
I have so much to do for Marisa's 2nd birthday like find some gifts for her.  We already got and gave her our big gift but I want to get her a few little things to open from us and I want to take Matthew to get something from him (or have him make her something...) I just do not know what to get her exactly.  We definitely do not need a ton more stuff but I keep thinking I am missing something that she might love to have.  Of course, I also keep thinking she is two and what I learned from two with Matthew is... they do not care very much about toys in general at this age. 

Marisa is happiest when she is following one or all of us around and learning new skills and words, etc.  My default is BOOKS which she loves and sits in her chair, on the couch or the floor surrounded by them reading and talking to them and enjoying them for longer periods of time then anything else.

Hmm so if you have any suggestions for gifties for an almost two year old who loves books, dogs, gymnastics, shoes, and horses (in no particular order) let me know!
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