Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Spurts and Fits

Matthew pitched a fit over having only half of a turkey dog on his plate at dinner time.   He told me this morning he was also pissed off (my words, not his) that I cut the corn off the cob.   He fell into a heap on the floor beside the kitchen table sobbing uncontrollably.  Kevin unceremoniously (ceremoniously?) picked him up and took him to his room, plopped him on his bed and came back to eat dinner.  This was at 6:00p.  By 6:10p all was quiet from said room.  Matthew slept from 6p-6a with a brief wake up in the night to come our bed because of a bad dream and a potty break that we imposed around 9:00p.

Technically when Matthew is tired he either throws a fit or gets kind of cantankerous/mean to us and those around us.  Generally, he is a happy go lucky kid if he is not tired.  He seems to be tired a lot lately.

At lunch yesterday, Matthew ate two servings of mac and cheese, two bananas, a serving of peas and carrots, a serving of apple sauce, a chicken sandwich, half of a mini bagel with strawberry cream cheese and a yogurt.  All within an hour.  I did not check the "book" but I am pretty sure he ate both of his snacks too. 

Suddenly he is all "I can read" just like that and seems to be like you know... reading more, on his own.  Seriously like just after this weekend.  And he is all this is how you add numbers and the clock says it is 10 minutes after 6. 

We are still on a I do not want to grow up because I will die kick (or we die if he grows up, it changes from one to the other depending on his mood) complete with tears welling up almost every time he brings this dreary topic up.

Did I mention he learned to essentially ride his bike with NO TRAINING WHEELS!?  Never mind that he ran into two trees, a prickly bush, and two potted plants and technically an American flag stuck in the ground.  He can ride his bike on his own with some assistance.  Stopping.  Stopping is definitely the next issue to work on!

He is suddenly really into his "army" guys (think army guys like in Toy Story... we found one on the beach the last time we were there and he has been obsessed ever since.)

He shakes his rump, does the robot, "break dances", wiggles, breaks out the "air guitar" (or sometimes takes off to the basement to get some instruments, the kid's got beat!) and giggles like mad when he hears a song he loves.  Today it was Gnarls Barkley's Crazy which also makes me shake my bootie but that is another story for another time (or not at all!)

He went to get dressed (because I told him to) before he could dance more and he got his "fancy shirt" (Button down brown plaid, the ONLY nice-ish shirt he owns) and nice shorts (tan with pockets, again the only nice ones he owns... we are fancy people you know).  He also requested that I get his tie down for him to wear... So he could look nice while dancing.

I asked him how he felt about going to full day Kindergarten if we can get him in and he grinned from ear to ear and said "YESSSSSSSSS". 

My all time favorite conversation from this past weekend with Matthew occurred in the car on the way home after a trip to the park:
Matthew:  I love Marisa.  Can I marry my sister?
Me: No, you cannot marry your sister.  We do not marry people we are related too.
Matthew: (after some thought) Well then can I marry Auntie Lisa?
Me: No, Auntie Lisa is Daddy's sister.  You cannot marry someone who is a relative.  You can marry a friend, someone you love...  And I would wait a long, long, long time to get married if I were you.
Matthew: (long quiet pause) So like when I am six?

Five.  It is sweet.  And also a little like getting glimpse into what life is going to be 10 years from now when he is 15, only without the teenage filter.
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