Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Accountability and Change

I went to see my lovely Midwife/CRNP last week.  I sort of umm "missed" this 'exam' for two years (on purpose... am lazy).  I decided I needed to try out birth control again.  One that has a bit of a bad rep and she assured me that the type was vindicated in their suit and what the hell, I like being a lab rat, apparently. 

A few things I am noticing about getting back on birth control just this week - my usually short temper is even shorter if that is possible.  My acne that just went away is BACK and worse, if that is possible!? I still cannot sleep but I can assure you that has nothing to do with the birth control.  One fear I have that I never had when I was "younger" is that I will gain (more) weight.  I did some extensive research on the side effects of this particular birth control and the one main and resounding issue was weight gain.  Like I need that to add to my already overfilled ISSUES jar.  SO I guess I need to watch what I eat even more (never mind the half of a bagel with cream cheese, granola bar and two shortbread cookies I have had already JUST THIS MORNING...)
On a related weight note, I cleaned out my closet...again.  I got rid of all the clothing from 5-6 years ago that had the number 2 or the sizing XS on its label.  Items of clothing I adored not for their sizes but their quality and the time I spent picking them out from stores like J Crew and Banana and The Loft.  Places I no longer go to shop for a bevy of reasons.  I loved the colors including my adorable pink capris.  I love me some pink pants!  Most of my clothing now comes from places like Kohls and Old Navy in very different sizes.  I am sad to see my old clothing go but I am glad because I believe that is a huge step to knowing I am okay with my new body, with the way I am today.  Or at least I am trying to be!!!
On Saturday, I had the (swirling my finger at my roots) highlight/cut hair appt.  I have not had any kind coloring done to my hair since I was first pregnant with Matthew in 2004.  The studies said nothing bad could happen if you colored your hair but I decided why take the chance.  While pregnant both times I loved the color of my hair.  It seemed to become darker and more rich.  Once I was done with both pregnancies and the subsequent months of nursing, my hair got all gray and 'ish' looking. 
This is the THIRD time I have set an appt. to get my hair colored.  I freaked about a few things the first two times but this time I showed up!  Now I love my hair place but it is a tad pricey.  I love the atmosphere and my hairdresser is as pretty as a china doll and they have good coffee in a nifty building with shockingly overpriced hair products.  It is one of the only things in my life that helps to feel posh lately. 

A few things I forgot about hair coloring:
It took two hours for highlights and a cut.  I died inside.  I was thinking an hour at most...
Getting a cut and color is flipping well expensive.
I read FIVE magazines in a row without interruption including People, US Weekly, IN Style, Vogue (squeee) and Rolling Stone.
I love how my hair feels after it gets colored!
If I do it again, I am definitely going even lighter. 

As I walked out with a slimmer bank account and lighter hair (no more grays!!!), I wondered to myself, how on earth did I do that every few weeks before I had kids?  How boring and expensive.  I am not sure I will be setting up an appointment to do this any time soon again but I do love the new lighter color, it was a fun minor change and something I did for myself even though I stressed the entire 2nd hour about being gone for two hours... Opps.
I keep meaning to post my workouts for the week coming up then linking back the following Monday to see if I did actually did what I was supposed to do... Accountability is a bitch.

Monday - Stretch and strength
Tuesday - 3.5 miles
Wednesday - 6x 400s 5k pace
Thursday - 3 miles + strength
Friday - REST
Saturday - 5k Race (will likely just run a fast 5k run 3.1 miles or so)
Sunday - REST (considering again a swim when Marisa is napping, I did NOT do this last week.)
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