Thursday, August 26, 2010

Birthday Belatedness

Tickling the Pengiun
Marisa's 2nd Birthday at the Zoo
Race against the Cheetah
He was fast... but NOT fast enough
the cheetah still beat him!
Marisa was SO brave and got up there
to run like Matthew!
I almost forgot to take a photo
because I was cheering for her!
It was close to 100 degrees on August 2nd
Marisa was sick and felt rotten
We were all tired and hot.
Matthew felt fine.
He loves this train!
And cute about it too!
I love this picture because it captures Matthew well
BUT it also captures my chunky rump too.  HAWTTNESS.
Have I mentioned the MOOSE!?
Here is Matthew's moose!
Here is Marisa's moose
Oh the family that acts like Moose together stays together
Whose kidding who.
Marisa perked up on the train and
we saw a few more things around the zoo
after the ride.
Then we went home.
Close up - TWO

Mostly it was so hot I had no interest in dragging out the camera
so we did not get a lot of shots.

We had a great time despite the heat.
As usual the favorite thing to do was play on the playground
Are you kidding me?
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