Thursday, August 26, 2010

Copy Cat

TWO!  My darling wee little baby is so totally TWO and it is scary and pathetic and manic and driving me batty.  To the point of feeling like I might run away and hide in the closet in our room, in the dark, GENTLY rocking myself.  Not only do I have to deal with grouch faced Matthew who needs an attitude check the moment he sees us each evening and he is FINE with Ashley (GRRRRR), I have to deal with Marisa.  Wee haw.  Life does not get better then this.

Full moon of August, I rue you.   

But seriously Matthew I can deal with.  I can take things away and actually almost completely ignore his attitude and snark and he does not want books/TV/treats taken away so even though he keeps going and gets that stuff taken away, he feels badly about it.  Yes, Matthew stuff drives me batty but no more then usual.  He is always like this in the evenings whether he goes to school or not.  He's tired and does not yet really know or want to tell me this.  God forbid if he goes to bed because he's tired... on time.  FTLOG. 

What is stressing me out?  Marisa.  And her two year old self.  And her teeth.  And her 'tude.  And our inability to punish her because dude she could give a flying fig if I take away books or shows.  Oh she loves books and reading but 'WHO CARES LA DE DA I can play with Matthew's Bat cave and run around screaming.' 

As for shows, she does not watch one stitch of TV.  Not one lick of interest.  Not even the dog or Orangutan shows interest her really any more.  Not Curious George and I thought we had a winner in {shudder} Imagination Movers thankfully we do not.  Warehouse mouse was only a passing fancy.  Nope the girl is SO unlike Matthew in this department that I am not exactly sure what to do...

Time outs?  OMG.  Did we really do these with Matthew at two?  I mean really?  I must have been mentally strong.  Possibly physically too.

Oh two I RUE YOU TOO.  As in: 'Marisa, Do not jump on the bed.'   "Mmmm kay Momma"  Me turning around to do something and thump thump thump.  GIGGLE.  Take her off the bed.  Lather rinse repeat.

It does not help that this one has a ready giggling audience (MATTHEW and KEVIN: I AM LOOKING AT YOU.  Okay I cannot lie - I giggle a lot too.)

Matthew pitched an epic fit last night about being terrified about Tornadoes and the drills at school and ZOMFG a tornado is going to come and eat him up PANIC PANIC SOB.  He was panicking and crying and all of this while we were trying to eat dinner.  What do think little Miss did?  Pitched an epic fit as well.  Yes, my little Miss is a copy cat especially when it comes to Matthew but really all of us.  I will catch her watching me do something like say how I eat my food at the dinner table and then she will try to perfectly copy cat what I am doing.  This is nice for things like eating but temper tantrums, not so much. 

And the teeth. S.e.r.i.o.u.s.l.y.  I think we are down to one last molar that is half in, half out.  I keep eyeing the pliers on the work bench and tapping my finger in wonder about... no no never mind I would never do that! 

At the end of the day, she is turning my hair gray faster and making my wrinkles ever deeper. 

And she does this all with the SAME DAMNED evil  sweet glimmer in her eyes that she always had.  She is cute and charming and smart all into identifying letters and colors and putting words together in sentences and what not.  She is fabulous but like some non stop passing storm she is all over the place - dark cloud, rain storm, sun break, dark cloud, rain storm LIGHTENING/THUNDER, sun break...

Like Matthew's bad attitude, I know this too shall pass but man oh man Marisa how I miss your baby days and baby ways.  I miss it in ways I cannot explain and yet...

Two is all coming back to me.  It is the reason we did not have a 2nd child right away.  It is the reason we waited and wondered and OMG TWO you are EVIL!  

So I am trying to work on (always) (yet again) patience and love and letting go and being consistent and, sadly, just laughing as often as possible.  We are only three weeks into two and I am ready to pull my lovely gray hair out and gouge my charming wrinkled eyes to death. 

I do not want to rush through this year either. I don't.  I want to enjoy her age as it comes.  This is my last two year old.  She is my last baby girl.  I want it to last and go on and end all at one time.   Two.
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