Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Day of School: Year 2

Matthew's 1st Day of Pre-K last year here and here.

Kindergarten 2010
My camera was prepped and ready this year!
Matthew was in a fabulous mood for it too!
He was reliving last year here : )
The winning shot!
On the way to the first day of KINDERGARTEN*
O.M.G. Elementary SCHOOL.
He looked at this photo tonight
and said
"I was really scared there Mommy."
I just thought he was annoyed that I took a picture...
"Ello, I am Matthew.  I am in Kindergarten. 
What isa your name ba-bee?"
Okay okay seriously Kindergarten Matthew
First assigntment - coloring

* I have to say I am very disappointed
in the class and school situation.
The classes are ENORMOUS, 27 kids per class.
I do not think that much of his teacher,
he cried because his two good
friends are in other classes
he was very sad that he had
to leave his school supplies at school.
To top it off, they may {MAYBE} adding
a fourth teacher which is great but
would change the classes again in a
week or so...
I just do not have the happy vibes I did
last year about his Pre-K program.
So far Kindergarten is giving MAJOR nervous tummy.
and I do not like it.
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