Monday, August 16, 2010

Go Go Going

As I mentioned last week, accountability baby!

ACTUAL Last week – August 9th through the 15th:
Monday: Nothing, went to bed early, exhausted,
Tuesday: 3.5 miles (outside, in the 105 degree heat, painfully slow)
Wednesday: 35 minutes on the bike in the sweet coolness of the basement, weights, sit-ups, push ups, jumping jacks (love these!!!)
Thursday: 3 miles (outside, in the heat, went out late but it was hot none the less)
Friday: Watched  Star Wars with Matthew and totally GEEKED out telling him about everything in it and OMG how I love these movies = TOTAL NERD! AKA did  nothing!
Saturday: 6x400s 5k pace (outside, on the shady part of the trail but still HOT!!!)
Sunday: 3.1 miles (Slugged through this run outside LATE, definitely NOT at a 5k pace)

I did NOT keep on track last week but I managed to do all of my running just not the order I had it set at. I also missed a day of strength and the other day I did “some weights” I would not entirely qualify as a strength day. It is totally hit and miss with my stretching.

My ankle (left one) hurts like a bitch all the time. I rub it and stretch it before running but I have a feeling it is the after running stretch that might help it. Also, my wrist hurts. My body is fucked. YEAH-NESS.  

This heat needs to end.  I am SO over it.  I mean I loved it and I am trying to remain positive about it but man oh man it sucks the life out of me plus it gets my panties all in knot over the environment and the fact that I brought kids onto this earth that is heating up and burning and flooding... and I TOTALLY completely digress...

On Tap for this Week – August 16th through the 22nd:
Monday: Stretch/strength
Tuesday: 3.5 miles
Wednesday: 35 minutes Tempo
Thursday: 3 miles + strength
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 7 MILES (The fuck?)
Sunday: 3 miles

I have a feeling the Wednesday tempo run will get pushed to Friday since Wednesday is the day Matthew starts Kindergarten and we have all kinds of shit going on that day but then Friday is a pool party with his school so we shall see!?!?

I love this looking back thing. It is fascinating to see how much I do (or NOT do).  Also, every time I did not want to run I kept thinking 'aww crap I am going to report back to myself on the blog about this and if I do nothing I look lame!'

I should try this with eating better! Heh. Maybe I would actually see a physical change in my freaking body fat content!!!

PS: No swimming yet and the Y is closed starting Friday through the end of the month so no swimming until September if I ever decide to do it!
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