Friday, August 13, 2010

"Mine Mine ME Mine"

Two sure has been great!!!
(well, sort of...
let us not speak of the 4:00 AM wake up call the other day.
I died a little bit that morning...) 
We had a little party for Marisa on Sunday.
It was against what I wanted to do
which was to just chill with family.
I am so very very glad we decided to have a party instead.
We love the little gym the kids go to
but getting a good photo of the kids there has been tough.
Here are the only two of the lot from the gym play time.
A moment of stoppage
It was SO hot in there
and yet the kids hardly seemed to notice.
Adult type units - SAD MELTING PUDDLES
Waiting to hear her birthday song
before blowing out the candle
She tried to blow out the lighter at first
before we ever even sang the song!
Num num num Angel B's cupcakes!
Present Opening at Home
Marisa learned some new phrases recently like:
"Mine me me Mine "
"Gimme at pease"
"Have it.  Have it"
Marisa ohhed and ahhed over everything
It was very cute and I am glad we did this at home...
...because seriously
At least a few moments after I captured this photo
he was smiling and happy again.
He survived
with a new saying:
"Mommy, I am a green eyed monster."
Checking out her own drawing board!
She loved the cards
She carefully opened each one
and checked them out fully before
dumping out the contents of the package
on to the floor.
Happy Birthday Miss. 
We love you dearly.
Without you and Matthew, my life would be less.
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