Thursday, August 5, 2010

Moose or Meese?

We went to Matthew's school on Wednesday and officially took him off the part time Kindergarten list and put him on the full time list.  He was the only kid on his class list who was supposed to be part time.  That would have SUCKED to deal with...

Also, I totally choked up when we were talking to the secretary.  She looked at me very kindly and said "ah it is WAY harder on you then it will be on him.  Trust me. I have been through it three times."  I was all umm I have been leaving ma baby with someone somewhere since he was four months old, why am I all freaked out by this?!  And yet I am.  I am because it is different then anything else.  It is not like pre-K last year and it is not like any child care situation before.  It is BIG KID school.  YIPES. 

I made Matthew a Kindergarten COUNTDOWN sign.  I used his favorite colors and a cute bus clip art thing and he can take the little sticky note number thing off every day for the next (now) 13 days! 

Matthew and I hit Kohl's on Tuesday.  I was NOT planning to get the kid a character backpack.  Over my dead body.  Guess what?  He has a Spiderman backpack for his first day of school.  WHICH I have proudly already filled with his school supplies that I got ALL ON SALE ($1 Fiskers blunt edge scissors. WORD!)  I am kicking ass and taking names in that dept.  Never mind nothing is ready for Marisa's party on Sunday! 

Matthew is going to be in big kid soccer this fall.  It will be on Saturday mornings which rocks.  This means less evening rush and I am just looking forward to seeing him grow into something he clearly enjoys.  It brings back fond memories of going with my brother to his soccer practice when I was five!

Last night in the middle of the night, Matthew woke me up to tell me about his dreams.  He was in a museum and a snake bit him on his foot (he proceeded to show me where it bit him, in the dream) then he said "and then we were looking for a moose, Mommy but we could not find it."  Me: In the museum?  Him: Yessss (exasperated like DUH a moose in the museum is SO normal.)  Me:  Matthew, how about we go back to sleep.  Him:  Okay.

Five is freaking me out, man, freaking me out!
'Yo I am a moose.' 
What is with the moose?  Meese? I hate the word Moose. 
Deer.  Deers.  Right?  At least in the UP that is right!!
I have like a dozen shots of Moose Matthew just like this one.
Then there was that dream.
Poor kid with the Canadian blood flowing through his veins ;)
Close Up
This one freaks me.
He looks so big and old and not like a little dude any more.
My sweet boy...
Ah, I mean strong manly grown up son (boy).
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