Friday, August 6, 2010

Not Much of Anything Surely Amounts To Something. Right?

Conundrum Alert: Marisa's 2 year appointment to see our Pediatrician was supposed to be on Wednesday.  I made this appt. 7 months in advance.  We received a call on Monday stating it was cancelled.  Next available appt?  October 11th.  I guess that is in her SECOND year.  I am considering shopping around for a new Ped outside of this group.  I have been less then thrilled with the service, the NP who is part of this group sucks rump, I could take or leave our Ped's partner, and lately getting into see our actual Ped for ANYTHING including well visits has been torture.  Problem is I still love the Ped...

Marisa's language skills are coming along more and more each day.  She still says nunning for running but I kind of help with that issue by also calling it nunning.  Also, Hel-whoa (Hello).  Which just cracks me up.  She is actually super good at using manners likw "gimme please" (heh) and my fav "mine please".  The one that is really coming along is "thank you Momma".  She used to just "mmmmm Momma
or "Mmmm Matthew" for thank you.   We knew what she meant but obviously we wanted her to able to say it properly eventually so we have all worked on it and now says thank you much better though she still sounds like she has rocks in her mouth.  She still calls dogs woofies but umm I think we all help with that one and now we all just call dogs woofies.  HA.

Marisa had three time outs yesterday.  Atta girl.

She did cop to hitting Matthew and when I asked her if that was nice to do she dropped her chin to chest and 'no no'.  So I guess at least she kind of sort of gets it.  Oyo.  She also likes to kick doors when she wants to get into a room.   Where on earth she learned that technique is beyond us all?!

Dude, my yogurt was rotten this morning and it pissed me off because I paid $1.50 for it four days ago and the expiration date on the dang thing was September 10, 2010.  SUCKAGE. (spell check does not like this word but I do so THERE!)

We did (finally) order cupcakes for Marisa's party.  They are not what I hoped for but they will do.  Sorry Marisa for being all sketchy for your 2nd birthday.  I have to admit I am kind of over birthdays at this point... sadly. 

Running report: 
Monday: Totally off (Strength and stretching was on the docket.  Didn't do it.)
Tuesday: 3 miles (in the 105 degree heat index heat) (it wasn't that bad!)
Wednesday: OFF (100 sit-ups and I ate 30 cookies thank you for asking.)
Thursday: 30 minute tempo run
Friday: 3 miles (running home from work.)
Saturday: 6 miles
Sunday: 3 miles (but I am thinking about trying to swim!)

Speaking of swimming, we have been chatting for about a year now about putting Marisa in swim lessons but I was opposed to getting her into anything to early like we did with Matthew.  Obviously I broke my own rule but honestly the gymnastics thing is like a playground indoors, no structure or anything.  Kevin really wants BOTH kids to take swim lessons again in earnest this year.  Matthew really is at the age when he should learn to swim.  Right now Matthew is in two activities for the fall (soccer and gymnastics) so we will do swim lessons again the winter months (just in time for flu and cold season ALL RIGHT!) The kid also asked about learning to play an instrument... I told him we own a harmonica... (I kid, I kid FTLOG!)

I thought about trying swim lessons on weekdays for Marisa when I am off but nothing fits my schedule SO I decided to just teach Marisa myself.  I am going to take her to the pool on Mondays and Fridays when I am off .  I know the basics from teaching kids years ago and holy crap if I cannot teach someone how to swim after spending a 1/3 (more? bad at math) of my life swimming so that is the plan.  We may put Marisa into regular lessons when Matthew goes in the winter but until then I am looking forward to this little adventure!
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