Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Officially OFFICIAL!

I officially have a Kindergartner.  So FLIPPING cool.

So far today:

Actually this is last night/this morning, I slept a grand total of two hours.  Marisa was up (again), Matthew was up, then he was chatty about being in Kindergarten ("was it time to get up? could he get his new shirt on? pancakes, Daddy, pancakes?") then Marisa was up (made Kevin get up with her), then Matthew was up and GAME ON because the millisecond -and it was TOTALLY like she was waiting - she heard his voice she was up.  DANG.

I got up and groused about being up even though it was later then we normally get up.  I tried to curl back up to sleep.  Marisa SCREAMED in my ear about Yooooogurt and cereal.

I made Kevin get up to make the promised KINDERGARTEN pancakes.  He did.  My stupid overly expensive coffee maker is on the fritz.  I do not want to get a new one but I am so addicted surely I will fork over the $150+ for a new one... Bah. 

Matthew and I watched an '80s Ghost Busters cartoon which was surprisingly NOT bad.  He is totally into this and it brought back vague Saturday morning cartoon memories for me! 

Matthew loudly informed me that he wanted to ride the bus to school.  Sorry son you unlucky little thing but your parents will be driving you to and fro.  (IF ONLY HE KNEW?!?! Or maybe it is just me who is not a fan of the bus...)

I ate pancakes.  Everyone else did not.  Matthew was TOO excited to eat.  Hmm, I forgot to tell Ashley Marisa ate raisins.  Let us NOT talk about Marisa's diapers and raisins.

Matthew got dressed in his new shirt and glow in the dark Spider-man undies (which I find weird).  Shorts too.  Duh.

We went outside to take the official FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL photos at the front door.  I will post these later. 

Marisa SCREAMED AND SOBBED and almost made me lose my shit because she was SO sad that we were leaving without her.  AM AN EMOTIONAL WRECK ALREADY.

She pulled it together enough to sit on Ashley's lap and tearfully wave good by.

We drove to school passing the school buses taking more photos on the drive there.  We did NOT talk about the school buses.

We arrived at school.  I whined about not getting to take a picture in front of the school sign.  Sacrilege.

We got Matthew signed in and his little name tag and waited for the school bell.  There is definitely something Pavlovian about that bell in kids and adults alike :).  Everyone was so friendly and I was so nervous - I am not sure I smiled... Oops. 

We went to the gym and settled Matthew in.  Hindsight is that we should have left right away.

Matthew made some friends but quickly told me he was "bored" coloring.  Heck the poor kid was the FIRST one in the gym.  40 minutes of coloring the same four pictures IS boring.  Get used to it kid that is school...

Watching teary kids that me hiccup inside and turn away BUT I stayed strong.

We said our good byes to Matthew even though he did not really want us to leave but I think he kind of did want us to leave so there's that or WHO KNOWS...

I started crying in the hallway but only little teary hiccuping crying. I pulled it together on the ride to work.

The End.
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