Friday, August 27, 2010

Return to Simplicity

Share we revisit my four goals?

Oh dear. 



Yes, I did do the easy one which is dress nicely one day per week.  Actually a couple of days per week I have made conscious effort to dress nicely in skirts and different tops and shoes then the usual fare so go me.  I even bought a new pair of jeans of the skinny variety and I am excited to wear those.  I need to find some other pants and shirts slowly here for fall/winter.

As for the others?  Yeah... not so much.  I did bake cookies one day but I cannot remember if that was before or after I set the goals.

Really I will likely not have the time and/or energy until two things happen.  I start up working part time.  Also, possibly, until after I get done with this half marathon training/race in October.  BOO HISSSSSSSS. 

I guess these is one other item - these other three goals require spending some time inside.  And this weather?  Not conducive to being inside.  It is finally lovely and perfect and did I mention lovely!? 

Mostly, I am pooped alot.  The kids both start of activities this week and next.  On top of that, school and training and keeping the house semi less disgusting then it could be.  Oh and you know work WORK.  ACK.  So I am just taking things a moment at a time and hoping for the best. 

I feel good about these goals.  Some times goals hang over your head or are simply forgotten but these I keep thinking about and scheming as to how I can accomplish them - I think that is really the best part of these kinds of goals. I want and will accomplish them, maybe not today or tomorrow but soon!
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