Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Run Away, Run Away

Accountability from last week.

August 23rd through August 29th
Monday: Zilch (theme?)
Tuesday: 3.13 miles (boo upset tummy whilst running)
Wednesday: 7x400s 5k pace (the mill from hell) plus the rest of that mile from Tuesday
Thursday: 3.72 miles (supposed to be 4m but I was late.  Sorry again M.)
Friday: Nothing but some good old fashioned couch surfing
Saturday: 7 miles (awesome run) I was supposed to do 8 but I got started later then I intended & we had SOCCER (best experience thus far in youth sports EVER. ever!!)
Sunday: 4 (hellish) miles in the heat of the day, it was supposed to be 3 at pace but I added the extra mile from the day before and I definitely did not run at pace.

On tap for this week: August 30th to September 5th
Monday: Stretch/Strength (we can go with ZILCH already!)
Tuesday: 4 miles
Wednesday: 40 minutes Tempo
Thursday: 3miles + strength
Friday: REST
Saturday: 10k Race - I am not racing just running 6.2 miles
Sunday: Rest

This heat, it has got to go. 
The best runs I have had have been
early in the morning on the weekends. 
I am looking forward to being able to run
Mon and Fri runs in the morning with Marisa soon!!   
I am game for 70-80 degree temps. 
Seems more reasonable, doesn't it EARTH?!
Any who, plans are underway to try TRY strength training.
Or at least I am formulating
the resolve to do this :)!
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