Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I want to remember how Missy gives these looks.
Hand’s down my favorite look is the disapproving look.
The one where she furrows her brow
and tips her chin downward
and cocks her head to the side
as if to say “Boo hiss to bed time Mommy.”

The sound her little feet
thumping across the floor in the morning.
It will not always sound that way,
this I am well aware of.

How Missy grabs my legs
and squeezes them
then plants a kiss on my rump.

The way M Bug’s face lights up
as he sees me when he
is walking out the door at school.

How M Bug and his little friends all wave
good-bye to one another,
shouting their names
and waving across the yard.
It is so endearing.
I feel blessed to be able to see
him in his school element every day.

I want to remember how friendly
Missy is to people.
She waves at cars that pass
in front of the house,
she says 'hellwo' to people
in the grocery store
and where M Bug falls short
with his shyness, his sister makes up.
If someone says good-bye to M Bug
and his face turns red
and he looks away unsure
about what to do,
Missy will turn around in full,
and shout at the top of
her lungs “Gooo Byye” cheerily!

M Bug got his school’s STAR
of the week 
for amongst other things
good behavior yesterday!
It was so cool to see
him beam about this.

M Bug made friends with the little boy
down the road at long last
and they are both thrilled.
It reminds both K and I
of our childhoods
and how we would run back and forth
between our neighborhood friend’s houses
on well worn paths.

How easily both kids giggle over being tickled.
I merely have to lift my fingers
into the tickle pose
and they start to giggle uncontrollably.
You can only imagine
what happens when I lift my fingers
and say “here comes the TICKLE MONSTER!!!”

Missy currently at two years and one month counts like this: 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 8.

She also currently does the alphabet like this: A, B, C, F.

Missy is at the age
where she wants to do everything herself.
An added stress to our lives
in many ways but it is actually pretty cute 
to look down and see her carrying
the bag slung over her arm
out of a big box store
we visited yesterday along
with her faux credit card in the other hand
(the lady gave her a gift card so
she would give me my credit card back!)

I do not want to forget how
well mannered two year olds can be!
Unsolicited pleases and thank yous and you’re welcomes galore
where we have to nearly constantly
remind M Bug to not say ‘fart’ at the dinner table
and to sit up straight
and say please
and, wow, two may be killing me
but the manners make up
for that in the short term!

I want to remember how much Missy
likes to run, point out runners and RUN.
It is like her only speed as of late
and she talks about almost constantly!

I want to remember how
Missy plants a kiss on M Bug’s leg
at night to say good-night and
how much she likes him to read to her.

I want to remember that
when you ask Missy at the end of the day
'what she did' or 'what was her favorite thing she did',
she consistently answers,
“Pick M Bug up” even
on the days when she doesn’t!

I want to remember these moments
because they are all too small to
write a whole post about.
I cannot capture them on film.
They mean a lot to me
but they pass by so quickly
that they will be forgotten
in the blink of an eye.

Sadly, I keep blinking and they keep growing.

PS: I have wanted to switch over calling the kids by name for some time.  It has nothing to do with being careful per say but mostly I want to protect them as they get older.  I like their nicknames which are real ones that they know and respond to so I thought using their nicknames made more sense.

Missy is Marisa (she has been Missy almost since she was born!)
M Bug is Matthew (he has been Bug since he told me stop calling him Peanut two years ago!)
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