Friday, September 10, 2010


Today was our first day off,
on our part time schedule.
I thought I would be taking him to school
but he LOVES to see Miss A
so we switched him to full time before school care
and Daddy is taking him.
I am sad about that as I like drop off
I like seeing Rock Star Boy come out
where kids kind of swarm him
and Miss A smiles
and he gets hugs and pats and cheers
when he walks in.

First, we went to the park
which we had all to ourselves.
Sadly it used to be my favorite park
it is not any more
It is starting to look worn with broken equipment
and I realized it used to be a quiet
neighborhood park
but so many people have discovered it
and it is more heavily used
that I will likely not visit it as much any more.
There were huge gray clouds
and lots of dogs on leashes
to her delight.
She shrieked at every dog
and runner.
Running Momma?
Yes baby.
Running like Momma?
Yes baby.
We rode the slides and the swings
and we said hello to the nice lady and her two dogs.

It started to rain just as we stopped
for our snack
We ate between the raindrops and wind
Her with a pink hoodie covering her head.
Then we made our way back to the car,
to B&N to look at books
and play with other kids and the train table.
We bought our books and then we had to do a work errand

To Grant Street we went. 
Missy got to show off her sparkle shoes
to ladies at the Inn and my co workers.
I think that Missy
will either have a complex about her hair
or she will be fulfilled in life
by all the compliments she gets.
I love her hair color
and regularly contemplate taking her with me
to Mira to get it colored that way!

After the Inn, we walked back to the car.
Picking our way past the college slums,
glass beer bottles smashed and litter everywhere,
cans and cigarettes and odd things
that I do not want to closely contemplate.
She picked up leaves along the way.
We walked slowly, no rush.

We went home and ate twin lunches:
PB&J, pudding and cantaloupe.
She thought this was funny.
Then off to nap.

The afternoon is ahead. 
I am setting off to work for a bit.

It is quiet.
I feel so blessed
so incredibly lucky to be
embarking on this journey.

It has been a long hard road to get here.
I am turning life on its on ear right now
because things have to change
and with work changing
why not make it a me changing too.

The 90/10 principle.
Looking at things in a different more positive light
The world is a good place
if I put good out into it.
I want my kids to know this about life and the world.
The only way they can learn it is from me, from us.
90/10, it has changed how I do everything.

Slowing it all down.
Having fun. 
Letting go.
Being happy.

It is that simple.
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