Thursday, September 30, 2010

Extra Strength Tylenol Dreams ARE way better than Sudafed Dreams

I do not understand how Fisher Price (Mattel) can have so many flippin' recalls.  Not just this latest recall, in 2007, they had a massive recall too.  Shouldn't a toy company, you know that specializes in TOYS, be sure they are putting the safest products out there?  We have a ton of FP stuff in our house.  None of the recalled items per say (either time) but it just chaps my hide that TOY COMPANIES have recalls.  Honestly it makes me want to get a jack knife and take up whittling so I can make my kids their toys.  What the hell?

On a similarly sad note, M Bug asked me the other day "Mommy do you think it will ever rain here again?" 

'Ah no honey global warming is in full effect despite what some religious and political figures believe.  Also, our world uses ways to many disposable items (bibs, paper towels, cleaning products), plastics and chemicals to really change the world.  I could go on son but I guess what I am trying to say is get used to fire warnings in September, son.  It's only gonna get hotter and more dry every year.  Unless of course we move to DC where it monsooning right now.' 

NO I did not really say that to him.  Of course I told him it would rain again... someday... soon...

Oh I am in a foul mood today.  I have had a MIGRAINE for three days.  It has surpassed the point where I just feel yucky.  I feel off the charts rotten, miserable, kill me now terrible.  I have taken so much medicine and nothing is working.  I think it is sinus related at this point but it is making it hard to concentrate (WHINNNNNE) or be positive. 

Hey on a lighter note, did you see Brad and Rachel Zoe broke up?  Like OMG that is so MAJOR.  Umm did I just admit that I watch the Rachel Zoe Project?  Yes, yes I did.  Shut. UP.

On a related note, if you like crime type shows, Terriers, on FX is filled with awesomeness.  It may fill the void Monk left in my life!

Also, Raising Hope and Running Wilde (with Kerry whatshername from the Creek show?)  These are also filled with awesome-ness.

Ohh wanna know something else, after tomorrow it will be TWO weeks till I have to run that half marathon!  I am half excited, half nervous as hell.  Hopefully this effing headache goes away by then...

I had this dream two nights ago, that I missed the start of the race because I was trying to park the car and I could not find the starting line and holy shit I was late late late.  I was running around looking for the start trying to pin my stupid number on and pricking my finger with those stupid pins and well it sucked.  Here's hoping it does not go down like that...

I also had a recent dream where myself, K and another couple found this great discount website on designer handbags in funky colors (think bright yellow and orange).  And we were all trying to buy them.  Even the boys which is weird because I have never seen K carry a handbag of any color and he would surely choose a black bag over a purple one any day.  That was his color choice in the dream... In defense of my dream, they were cute handbags and I could use a new purse for the fall!  It would NOT be purple however.  Orange, a lovely burnt orange, would be dandy.  I am just saying is all.

I swear it could have been the Extra Strength Tylenol talking, or dreaming, as the case may be.  Since switching to Sudafed I have not had any dreams... sadly!

This is all I have in me today.  Go with god and stop buying disposable products y'all they're killing us all!
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