Friday, September 17, 2010

Five point Five

M Bug said "Mommy do you know old I am?"
"Yes, M Bug, I do."
"How old?"
"Five, M Bug."
"No, Mommy I am five and A HALF years old."

Yup, I counted on my fingers to be sure he was right.
And he was.

Five and a half.
Half way to six.

I am amazed at this.
He did just turn five like two minutes ago, no?

He such a neat kid
and I feel so incredibly blessed.

He loves school.
He loves Mrs. D, his teacher.
He loves Miss A, the before care provider.
He loves PE and art and playing with all of the other kids.
“I played with two grader today Mommy.”
He hardly complains about any of it.
Even when he is under the
weather, he is up, ready to go.
Guess what Mommy? I got
a sticker today because
I knew how to spell my whole name!
Then he spelled it for me.

Afternoons have smoothed out
now that we have a good routine down.
Snacks and drink on the way home.
Play outside for ½ hour.
Go in and do homework
He insists on doing extra
which secretly fills me with pride
And watch a show then outside to
play again until Daddy gets home.

He is smart and sweet.
He hugs his sister and gives
he kisses when the fancy strikes him.
He pats her head and can often be patient and kind.
Do not get me wrong, they are siblings.
There are moments!
He puts up with her asking him to read to her
SOME nights.

He beams with pride at scoring a goal at soccer.
“What were you talking to Bella about, M Bug?”
“I was talking to her about how we could work together
to score that goal. AND it worked Mommy!”

He is filled with happiness
and smiles and beams of goodness.

We still have to remind him to
say thank you, please and EXCUSE me.
He likes fart jokes and
giggles insanely when he burps (Excuse me?)
He is all boy, tall and strong and filled with energy.

He is stoked to be a Jedi master for Halloween.
“And I get a light saber, RIGGGHT?”
Right M Bug absolutely.

He is charming, easily makes friends
and finds the good in everything.
He is afraid of snakes yet oddly fascinated.
He is afraid of tornados yet oddly fascinated.

The way his mind works is so different from mine.
He is more technical, he wants to learn how things work
He is always up for a science project, an experiment
Especially if it involves water and dirt!

He is getting an ADULT molar.
I almost died when he told me about it.
I had to check because I could not believe it.
He is.
And then he told me “this tooth here (pointing to the front left tooth), it hurts.”
It is wiggling and moving and he finds this interesting.
Will I swallow my tooth?
If it falls out at school, what will happen?
Will it bleed?
“Mom the tooth fairy will give me ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS, right?!”

There are fewer words and more to describe M Bug.

He distinctly has a mind of his own.
He is strong willed.
He needs to be exhausted beyond words to go to sleep at night.
He loves to read (current favs Roald Dahl books!)
He loves construction stuff (the building of and viewing of)
He loves soccer, gymnastics and football.
He loves his blanket (but less and less.)
He loves Scooby Doo and
Ghostbusters and Spiderman.
He loves Star Wars and Legos
and playing outdoors.
He loves his baby sister (most of the time!)
He loves to play with his friends.
He loves us.
Six in six short months.
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