Thursday, September 2, 2010


Youth Soccer
Fall 2010
Silly side story to this photo:
That little girl next to Matthew?
Her mom and I did Aqua Aerobics
together when we were pregnant
and we ended up next to
one another during most of the classes
Mere coincidence or what?
He is on the Purple team - shirt to come
(they even told us the exact DATE we would get the shirt 
I heart this soccer program!)
Marisa had a little snack picnic
She did really well and cheered and
fell over in the chair twice and
it was just a beautiful early Fall morning.
Sadly this will be Marisa's 1st and last soccer game
She starts gymnastics this weekend!
Action Shot
Purple People Eater Soccer Matthew

We love this program already.
So much better run then the past experiences.
They play actual games with THREE coaches!
One coach for three sets of kids essentially.

Matthew even scored two goals and got an "assist"!  HA.

This has the vibe of soccer I remember as a kid.
Tons of games and kids and age groups
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