Thursday, September 16, 2010

John Deere-ly

This Farm Tractor.
It has seen better days.
It is also Farm Tractor II.
The first one rusted and broke
so we replaced it.
This one has lasted longer
but not by much.
Farm Tractor (II) was mired in mud
in the garden over the long weekend.
M Bug extracted it from the dirt.
He keeps asking me why Farm Tractor now lives
on our back deck.
I kind of feel sorry for Farm Tractor (II).
Plus Farm Tractor is kind of cool looking
sitting up there next to the back door.
Ohh do not go feeling sorry for Farm Tractor (I or II)
Like the Velveteen Rabbit, it has been well loved.
Not well cared for, just well loved.

Maybe in another life, it will get to plow a real field...
When pigs fly!
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