Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor of Love

Long weekends are truly lovely.
We did nothing really. 
We hung out. 
We went no where.
We did not eat out, we did not have a schedule.
We did lay around in our jammies a couple of days. 
We shopped. 
We had gym class on Saturday.
We played A LOT in the house and yard. 
The weather was on the money, 
Cool sunny mornings and hot afternoons. 
The kids brilliantly slept in a couple of times! 
An amazing 9 mile run.
Matthew played in the mud and loved every moment of it.
Dairy Queen yummy yums.
We had a BBQ at a friend's house. 
We enjoyed yummy beer. 
I made a new casserole that was delicious
and a new artichoke dip (both go toward my 4 goals!)
We watch movies together, old and new.
Kevin finished staining the fence
and Kevin got to start his new job, Coach Kevin!
We played hockey and soccer and baseball
We made a giant chalk racetrack for the monster trucks.
The neighborhood kids came over and played all three days
I bought new some new clothes (totally scary trendy stuff. Eek.)

Matthew looked at me seriously tonight and
said "But Mommy I want every day to be like today."
Indeed, bug, indeed.
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